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Exaile LastFM Proxy Plugin
A few versions ago, Exaile had Last.FM streaming support using LastFMSource - a pygst plugin created by Philippe Normand of Elisa. It worked... sort of. Every other time you tried to connect to LastFM station, Gstreamer would lock up entirely, taking Exaile out with it. Not being able to fix this problem, it was eventually removed from Exaile entirely.

Enter: LastFM Proxy. This is a program written in python created to connect to LastFM and start streaming the music to a proxy that you can connect to on your local machine using any music player that supports HTTP streaming.

After a bit of hacking (and really, this is some seriously hackish stuff), I've created a plugin for Exaile called "LastFM Radio" that (mostly) seemlessly integrates LastFMProxy into Exaile. To the user, it appears to just be a Radio Panel plugin like the current "Shoutcast Radio" plugin. The user just clicks on the station they want to listen to, and it starts playing. They can "Skip", "Ban", or "Love" tracks just like in the LastFM native player.

It still needs some work, but overall, I'm pretty pleased with how well it works. Give it a try!

Note: You must be using the latest bzr version of Exaile for this plugin to work. You can get instructions on doing that from Exaile's downloads page.
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From Sir Léon on May 9 @ 3:35 p.m. 2008

I've loaded ur plugin from the trunk directory and unpacked it into the plugins folder. after restart of exaile, i saw the lastfmproxy plugin in the plugin list. i activated it and restart exaile again. now, the seems to be away... no plugin is shown and i don't know what to do =(

(cause i can't suscribe to this topic)
From Tom on Feb. 5 @ 2:52 p.m. 2009

I have just downloaded and installed Exaile and when I try to load my last FM favorites (I have installed the lastFM plugin that comes with it) I get a message saying that the proxy has not yet connected. I found you site and see there is LastFMproxy. I've downloaded and unpacked it but I'm not sure what to do next to use it with Exaile. I found a post saying to put the plugin in the plugins folder but I'm not sure which file is the plugin or where the plugin is.

Can you help me. I'm running Fedora 10

From Duma on Feb. 21 @ 2:28 p.m. 2011

Hi Adam, I've tried to search your lastfm proxy plugin for exaile, but i can't find it.
Where Can I download it?
Thank for your work and support,
From synic on Feb. 21 @ 2:30 p.m. 2011

It no longer exists. It kept breaking and was too much work to try and keep up with.

From Duma on Feb. 21 @ 3:49 p.m. 2011

Ok, no problem....
thank for your work! :)

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