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iPhone 3G, no interference
I downloaded the new iPhone software last Friday after my coworker informed me that there was a "Pandora Radio" application available on the AppStore. Internet radio on your phone? No brainer, had to have it.

After getting everything updated and installing the app, I was also delighted to see that it worked decently on EDGE. However, once I got into my car and tried to listen to some "Shiloh Radio" on the way home from work, I was disappointed once I realized that the usual interference that I get if I don't put the phone on "Airplane Mode" was there, only a lot worse because, obviously, internet radio requires constant streaming from the data network.

Over the weekend, I waited in the Apple Store line, and purchased the new 3G iPhone. There are lots of reasons that I decided to do this, but the real one is "I like to waste my money on cool gadgets"; the other reasons are mostly just justification of this one.

Yeah, it's got built in GPS. The speakers are better. The battery lasts longer (at least, longer than my old iPhone, which probably has a pretty weak battery at this point). 3G is pretty cool, though not *that* much faster than EDGE. The real kicker: I tried Pandora in my car on the way to work this morning just for the hell of it. Absolutely no interference. I haven't determined if this is because of the new phone case design, or the 3G network itself. In addition to this, I noticed there is a new Last.FM app in the AppStore!

The iPhone has it's flaws (one of my major complaints is that there is still no non-annoying way to send and receive MMS), but seriously, who cares if you can get internet radio in your car from your phone.

I may update with a more comprehensive review of the new iPhone, that is, if I find that the differences between it and it's predecessor are worth mentioning.
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From Vincent on July 14 @ 2:05 p.m. 2008

I knew it! That's the excuse reason everybody is using! :P
From spidernik84 on July 30 @ 11:49 a.m. 2008

Lol, don't tell me it's because of my shout on ;D
Glad to have you back ;)
From spidernik84 on July 30 @ 11:50 a.m. 2008

Wops, sorry, i posted at the wrong post, it was meant to be added on the page regarding exaile :( Sorry

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