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DropBox goes public
DropBox is a system that allows you to share and sync files between multiple computers by providing an interface for Nautilus on Linux, Finder on OS X, or Explorer on Windows. It's kind of like Foxmarks for Firefox, but instead of syncing your bookmarks, it sync whatever you put in your Dropbox directory.

More than that, you can share certain directories with other users of DropBox. They also provide a web interface from which you can access your files. The system also tracks changes to text files, and from the web interface, you can view different revisions of each file.

I remember reading about this cool system a while ago, and signed up to receive an email when they were ready to release an email. I received that email yesterday, and gave it a test drive. I was very pleased with how well it integrated with Nautilus, and with the speed of it syncing between my computers. I set it up on my work computer and on my EeePC. I could drag a picture from the work box into the shared directory, and watch it show up on the EeePC seconds later.

It seems that they are allowing anyone to sign up right now, but on my web interface, I see that I have "invites", so I doubt it will be open forever. Go to and get an account!
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