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Exaile 0.3 Roundup for October 22, 2008

Ok, so I posted the weekly tarball a little early, because it's got lots of cool new stuff. Here are the things that have been completed since the last roundup:

  • Preferences dialog and all the preferences in it now actually work. There aren't many preferences to choose from yet, however, it'll be super easy to add new ones.
  • Plugin manager. You can now enable and disable the plugins that are currently bundled with Exaile 0.3, which include Amazon Album Art, LastFM Album Art, AudioScrobbler, CD Playback, PythonConsole, Gnome Multimedia Keys, LastFM Dynamic Search, Lyrics Fly, Lyrics Wiki (the lyrics engine isn't quite ready, so for the regular user, these plugins are probably useless), Notify, Shoutcast Radio, and Streamripper. There is not yet a way to install or see new/available plugins from this plugin manager yet.
  • Gotta mention Streamripper again, because up until last night Exaile 0.3 didn't yet have the Streamripper plugin
  • New groovy method for setting plugin preferences. Instead of having a popup dialog for each plugin when you click "Configure", there is a "Plugins" category in the main preferences dialog where you can set preferences for plugins that have a preferences pane defined (currently only streamripper and audioscrobbler have one).
  • LastFM Dynamic mode works if you check the dynamic playlist option
  • More bug fixes

The new weekly tarball with all of this stuff can be found here.

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From ezekiel000 on Oct. 24 @ 1:09 a.m. 2008

Looks good, I especially like the way you have added the plug-in settings to main preferences a very clean solution.

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