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So yesterday, I started working on putting together a 16 drive storage machine that will serve as a temporary backup for the holidays. The machine in question has a 3ware SATA RAID controller, which in turn has a configuration utility which I used to set up a few volumes. Once the configuration was complete, I saved it, and exited. At this point, the controller had to clear the drives of data, and because all 16 drives are 1.5TB drives, it was taking forever. I started this process in the morning, and by the time I left, it was only at around 45% complete.

This morning I came in to see how far it had progressed, and I was presented with a dialog not unlike the one you see here. It said nothing other than "OD" and had a button for "OK". Yeah. The only way this could be more awesome is if the "OK" had a question mark after it.

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From Rick on Nov. 13 @ 4:56 p.m. 2009

I am adding an question mark to any 'ok' dialog I ever make.
From synic on Feb. 26 @ 2:27 p.m. 2013

this is a comment.

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