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Engimo 2 and Wine

After beating Enigmo in the iPhone, I was eager for more. I’m a sucker for these type of games. I downloaded the demo of the Windows version of Enigmo 2, and, to my delight, it works great out of the box in Wine! It’s got tons more doodads and etc than the iPhone version, so I’d say it’s a perfect upgrade path if you like that game.

The installer works fine, but I recommend launching the Enigmo 2 application after you have installed it with a command similar to this:

wine explorer /desktop=Enigmo,1024x768 'c:\\Program Files\\Ideas From the Deep\\Enigmo 2 Supernova\\Enigmo 2.exe'

Enigmo 2 appears to have a maximum resolution of 1024×768, and this command will allow you to run it in a Window that size.

It even works on my HP Mini 1030, which doesn’t have the most fantastic video card in the world :)

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