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Exaile /might/ be the new Xubuntu default player

Xubuntu has been rethinking their default applications for their next release, Karmic. Personally, I think it’s great, but not just because of the topic of this article.

They are considering Exaile for their new default music player, and it looks like it’s winning! This isn’t the first time Xubuntu has considered Exaile. I can’t remember how long ago it happened the last time, but for understandable reasons, Listen was chosen instead. Exaile was an infant at the time, and was missing a lot of the features that should be standard in a player.

Now, however, with Exaile 0.3 progressing the way it is, I believe it can make it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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From Brenna on July 27 @ 10:52 a.m. 2009

Soooo awesome!!

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