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Last Day in Utah

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be starting the 16 hour drive to Kent, Washington. I’m moving so that I can be closer to my daughter, who moved there with her mother last September. I’ve never lived out of state, I’ll definitely miss Utah, my friends, and most of all, the Sun.

I’ve been researching the OSS community in Washington, and I’m starting to think that Utah is somewhat of an anomaly. The community in Utah is great. There are a bunch of Linux User Groups (Provo Linux User’s Group, Salt Lake Linux Users’ Group, Utah Ubuntu User’s Group) with great membership, language user groups (Utah PHP User’s Group, Utah Python User’s Group), and a great presence on IRC (for instance, #utah on Freenode has 73 people in it as of this writing, #ubuntu-ut-us has 26 people in it). In contrast, the only usergroup I can find in Washington that has more than 5 members is The Greater Seattle Linux User’s Group. Their single IRC channel is #gslug on Freenode, and currently has 18 users. There is no #washington. There is a Washington Ubuntu User’s group, but it’s very low on membership.

Maybe I can help change all this, but I have to wonder. Is Utah the one that’s different? Is it the “Hive” mind thing we’ve got going on here? Or, is Washington the difference?

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From Lamont Peterson on Oct. 29 @ 11:48 a.m. 2009

I lived in Kent as a small child. We moved back to Weiser, Idaho when I was barely three years old. I've been back a couple of times and some business trips to the area in the past few years.

It's really a very nice area, and Kent is one of the best suburbs one could pick.

I even still know a few people up there and haev other friends who now live in that area, too. Drop me a line and I'll see if I can put you in touch with a few folks.
From Jayce^ on Oct. 29 @ 11:55 a.m. 2009

I went the opposite direction, coming from WA to UT. UT is very much an anomaly, people look for community, and responsibilities. It's just part of our quirkiness.

To best understand neighborhoods in the Seattle area, look up old episodes of "Almost Live", and watch until you laugh at the local humor. Then you'll be a local.
From Adam Olsen on Oct. 29 @ 11:24 p.m. 2009

Lamont: Thanks, I'll shoot you an email once I get there with my computer hooked up.

Jayce^: That's too bad, I'm going to miss the community. I've never even heard of "Almost Live", hah

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