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SupaCount: Android Multi-Countdown App

So, I got a Droid, which for me, meant that I had to start learning the Android SDK. In my opinion, the best way to learn something like this is to write an application. It's how Exaile and JBother came to be, and now, it's how SupaCount came to be.

I've always wanted a countdown application that would allow you to run more than one countdown at a time, and save them for later use, so that's exactly what SupaCount does. You can save multiple countdowns, and run any number of them at the same time. When a countdown is done, you can have it alert you, optionally by blinking the LED, vibrating, and playing a notification ringtone. You can specify how long the alarm will last before it stops on it's own (to save your battery).

Some Screenshots (click on an image to view the full size):

I decided to publish it here before I publish it to the market. It uses the Apache 2.0 OpenSource License. Here are download options, should you be interested:

  1. SupaCount.apk Installable apk. This is now on the Android Market. You can pick it up from there.
  2. - the sourcecode.
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From Paul on Dec. 31 @ 9:33 a.m. 2009

Hey there. You got one heck of an app on your hands here. If you need someone to test it, I'll volunteer. I have a moto Driod and have been looking for an app like this. This app would be helpful for anyone doing crafting in any online game. The facebook people that have droids would love it. It would be really cool if you could make a pc version and have it be able to sync the timers together with the droid, but that would be a lot of work I'm sure.
From synic on Dec. 31 @ 1:47 p.m. 2009

It'd be a bit of work, yes, but I'd possibly be up for the challenge.

So, for the PC app, do you just mean an app that'd allow you to store the timers online or something as a backup?
From Phil on Jan. 2 @ 2:51 a.m. 2010

I think you should learn the Android SDK by writing an Exaile remote control for the Droid! ;)
From fel on Oct. 13 @ 4:58 p.m. 2013

very good

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