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SupaCount published to the Android Market

SupaCount 0.1.0 published to the Android Market. I don’t suspect that it’ll be a highly successful app, being that it’s a utility that most people won’t need. However, being my first app on any of the mobile markets, it’ll be interesting to see what happens. There are, at the very least, hundreds of thousands of people (200,000+ people bought a Motorola Droid the first week it was released) with access to the market.

My first impressions of the Android SDK were just from using the platform itself. It seemed great then, just because of the results I could see by installing other applications (the open nature of it, the ability to replace system components, etc), but now that I’ve actually taken a further look at the internals, I like it even more. It encourages you (if not requires you) to create highly modular applications.

Along the way, I found a great book that I’d like to recommend if you’re thinking about getting in on Android development. “The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development”. If you buy it at it’s very reasonable price, you get free updates to the book when there are new releases of the SDK. They also have kind of a community editing thing going on, you can join the mailing list and add “patches” to the book if you feel so inclined. You also get “The Busy Coders Guide to Advanced Android Development”.

Edit (12-22-2009 @ 11:11pm): After one day, the market reports 120 active installs.

Edit (12-29-2009 @ 7:20am): After eight days, the market reports 272 total installs, and 172 active installs for a 63% retention rate. The average rating is 4 1/2 stars. So, even though not many people kept it installed, those that did rated it highly. This is about what I thought would happen, just because a multi-countdown timer isn’t an app that many people would really need. I think I’ll get more success if I implement a one off timer that doesn’t require you to save it before you run it. This will give it the same feature set as any other countdown timer, plus more.

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From utahcon on Jan. 15 @ 4:28 p.m. 2010

Just saw you app, and it is exactly what I was thinking of writing for my own use.

Thanks for the great addition to my Android life.
From Kenneth on Sept. 19 @ 2:22 p.m. 2010

Hi there, don't put your app down, it's just what i've been looking for to help me play my online simulation/management games. I do how ever miss the option making me able to sort the countdowns by time, both ascending and descending, so i can get a quick overlook of the shortest to longest and vice versa. I hope you know what i mean.


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