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The Lute is here

Actually, it came about a week ago, but I figured I'd wait for it to settle in before I posted an article about it. You can see it here (along with my guitar):

It arrived in great shape, except for one of the "pips" (the white things on the end of the tuning pegs) fell off. I had to fashion one out of the ball on the end of a push pin, but I think it looks rather nice.

It sounds amazing, looks amazing. I couldn't be more pleased.

I did break the high F string (called the chanterelle) on the second day. Lucky it came with an extra one. Apparently, there are a lot of works for the Baroque Lute that are labeled "Sans Chanterelle" (or "Without the Chanterelle") because in their day it was common for this string to break, and if it happened during a performance or something, they'd want to have something to play.

Anyway, perhaps when I've learned a song well enough that I'm comfortable with it, I'll record a video and post it on here.

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